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1 Good Design solves Problems

Contrary to a common belief that an average company or organization can successfully create and maintain its corporate identity themselves, it doesn’t take long to run into technical as well as time consuming issues while creating a qualitative image at the hands of a manager. Design as a service encompasses more than a selection of attractive font for a logo, company color and photographs.Design projects bring up questions of appropriate marketing, effective communication, modern industry requirements as well as usability and user friendliness – on top of the fact that it just has to look good! While many of us are still in denial, sooner or later it becomes a necessity to hire a designer to seek a solution to these problems.

2 Quality counts

Sadly, even hiring a well known design company does not guarantee success: large design businesses focus on a number of sales, not the quality of service. In other words, it is likely that your project will be completed by an unskilled trainee or by a distantly located provider of cheap labour which might be resold on to you.Nowadays, the misconception that “design is easy” is encouraged by a vast availability of freely available ready-made products such as website templates. Unfortunately, without a specialist selection and professional combination of images, letters and functionality, those ready-made resources remain useless.

3 From People to People

The following questions should be considered by everyone buying design services and products: Who is the designer behind the new project? Will he or she be able to fix the compatibility errors of different resources and platforms? Would he or she be able to advise about or train you in the best use practice of design services and products which you pay for? Is the design company up-to-date with the latest trends and requirements of today’s web- and graphic-design? Will it really look good and will it be designed originally?

4 Our Company embodies Personality

BA Andrius Savickas embodies core values of a quality designer: imagination and mathematics, thanks in part to his parents who are both doctors. Therefore, while artists dream and mathematicians count, since his early days Andrius has been an attentive dreamer with a passion for constructing new worlds and communicating it to others. And while sky is the limit, let’s not overlook the shape of these clouds. Are they beautiful? Are they dangerous? They are telling us something…

Meet the founder

Andrius Savickas is a contemporary Designer in Berlin

Andrius Savickas was born in the turbulent year 1989 in the Soviet Union and grew up in the independent Republic of Lithuania, which has inspired him to do both: dream bigger as well as develop strong work ethics. Andrius has been inspired to paint and draw by his artist aunt, and since his early teenage years attended extra-curriculum art classes.

Mr Savickas has completed studies in Media Art in the UK and has subsequently moved to Berlin in 2012 in order to continue his art, design and entrepreneur projects. He has supported himself with the sales of vintage bicycles while working on the elaborate art projects within various artist organizations, before taking up self-employed designer career as a life choice in 2014.

Andrius Savickas has worked with a number of locally and internationally based clients and established numerous lasting partnerships over the years. His works has traversed the various industries from medical laser production to sports nutrition and smart technologies, withstanding a relationship with the music industry, artist and charitable organizations in Germany and beyond.

He is passionate about quality and is always on top when it comes to news in the design and IT spheres. His contemporary competences span traditional graphic design, web design, illustration, 3D and animation.

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